Friday, July 19, 2019

Paris Middle School - Teacher Pages

For information about teachers, their schedules and classroom activities, please click on any of the names listed below.
Name    Title    Email Address 
Dailey, Jami    Principal 
Johnson, Bertha    Assistant Principal  
Ogden, Brandi    Counselor  
Preston, Kelly   Secretary   
Brooks, Terence    School Administrative Manager
McCauley, Stephen    DPP & Asst. Human Resource Director
Teacher    Subject    Email Address 
Anderson, Kathy   6th/7th Math
Courtney, Meghan    Art
Cain, Cynthia   LBD
Gabriel, Kathleen
Gilkey, Morgan    Instructional Assistant 
Soper, Caitlin    6th/7th Science
Elizabeth Rosales   Spanish
Hopkins, Michella    6th Grade Math and Science  
Masters, Eric   Band
Meadows, Aaron   Social Studies
Newton, Lori
Brown, Samantha R.
  6th and 7th Grade ELA 
Snapp, Jackie   Instructional Assistant
Young, Mark    Alternative Classroom